MASIMARA.COM is a Jewelry and Accessories Wholesaler that carries top quality boutique style accessories. Our distribution centers are strategically located in Nevada and San Francisco to ensure expedited services to our clients in the northwestern regions. We pride ourselves in carrying the best quality wholesale jewelry and accessories which include; earrings, necklaces, scarves, bracelets, brooches, bags, sunglasses, rings, belts and much more.


  1. Our procurement team works around the clock and globe collaborating with suppliers to expand our lines with updated trend setting designs and styles.
  2. Our product lines are well tarnished and colored to give our clients just the right vibrant and elegant inventory.
  3. Our realistic-affordable price structure gives our clients the best in inventory trends and style.
  4. Our low-price policy ensures customer satisfaction and enables our clients to purchase several diverse styles to complement their customer’s needs.
  5. Our commitment to you will ensure on time delivery and consistency on inventory management.

We pride ourselves in offering the best customer service, our efficient and fast processing time guarantees that each order is processed and shipped in a timely manner. We Have dedicated sales teams and excellent supply-chain and logistics management policies that keep our clients satisfied on time, all the time.

We look forward to satisfying your everyday inventory levels by crafting unique styles and designs to compliment a wider customer base.

Masi Mara, by women for women.